Grain sorghum

From growing to selling.

Fodder sorghum

From growing to selling.

Snapshot of the European and global state of sorghum

Olivier Bouillet Director Général Agritel Ukraine

Biogas production with sorghum biomass

Dr. Maendy Fritz Head of department for renewable resources crops TFZ Institute Germany

The assets of sorghum grain in feed

Catalin Fudulu Technical director for nutrition and formulation Guyomarc’h Firm Romania

Sorghum silage and its complementarity with maize

Alexis Ferard Zootechnics engineer - Silage valuation Arvalis-Institut du Végétal France

Sorghum in malt houses for beer production: the African experiment

Bop Sandrino-Arndt Head of business development OCP Africa Cameroon

New research priorities

Patrice Jeanson Seed breeder Prosorgho/Eurosorgho France

Seed breeding: quality as an asset

Christophe Rouillard Technical manager plant health and seed trade ESA Belgique

The place of sorghum in crop rotation in France

Jean-Luc Verdier‎ Engineer Arvalis-Institut du Végétal France

The production of sorghum in water-restricted crop systems in the USA

Dr. Brent Bean Director of Agronomy Sorghum Checkoff USA

Grain sorghum cultivation under steppe conditions in Ukraine

Dr. Oleh Okselenko Researcher Universite Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine

Sorghum cultivation in Russia

Nikolai Benko Director seed breeder Agroplazma Russia

The special features of the italian sorghum grain sector: exploiting white sorghum

Stefano Conti Coordinator for cereal, rice and breeders section Assosementi Italy

Spain: the leading EU sorghum importer

Jordi Bages Purchase manager Food Corporation Guissona Spain

Argentina: sorghum trade and its developments

Juan Gear President Gear firm Argentina

The new promotion policy for eu agricultural products

Camille Dehestru Consultant Pact European Affaires Belgium

Conditions for the development of sorghum in Europe

Frédéric Guedj Representative of Sorghum-ID France

A necessary tool: a European-level structure

Daniel Gueguen Director Pact European affairs Belgium

Sorghum checkoff: example of the American sorghum organisation

Florentino Lopez Executive Director Sorghum Checkoff USA

Brown midrib sorghum for lignocellulosic biofuel production

ICAR-Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR), Hyderabad, India

Breeding and selection of sorghum for regions above 50º latitude

Walter A.J. de Milliano, Hoeve Dierkensteen

Evaluation of antioxidants and food characteristics of sorghum to establish it as a functional food

ICAR-Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR), Hyderabad, India

Silage sorghum and maize intercropping in Hungary

L. Kálmán – E. Rajki, Cereal Research Non-Profit Ltd.

Physiological phenotyping of a sorghum mapping population for seedling chilling tolerance

National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR), Warsaw, Poland, in the frame of the program ERANET Bioenergy

Seed Technical Action Program

Arvalis- Institut du Végétal / FNPSMS

Grain sorghum 5th cereal produced in the world

Arvalis- Institut du Végétal / FNPSMS

Sorghum in Europe : 1% of the world’s acreage

Arvalis- Institut du Végétal / FNPSMS

Seed sorghum

Arvalis- Institut du Végétal / FNPSMS

Biorefinery of sweet sorghum for a circular economy

Department of Biotechnology, USAMVB King Michael I of Romania from Timisoara, Romania, Advanta Seed International