Vieille Graine Joins Sorghum ID

Vieille Graine joined the Sorghum ID association in early 2024. Created in 2022, the former has been developing a range of eight organic products, based on sorghum and millet, for food use. “After the dehulled kernels, the flours and the pastas, we intend to develop new specialties such as sorghum semolina or aperitifs” Aurélien Amir, founder of the company, told us.

Product Range to Diversify Further

The product range was launched in September 2023. They are marketed mainly online or directly through organic product shops and national referencing under companies such as Botanic, So Bio, Bioc’Bon, Biofrais, and Chlorophylle, essentially. While Vieille Graine intends to produce all its grains in France in the future, some of its quantities come from Italy at present, as the Italian varieties are better suited for pasta production. Vieille Graine’s target this year is to produce 50 tons of sorghum inside France, to meet its own processing needs. “However, our needs will very likely increase at a fast pace, as we already have demands from the restauration industry. This will also call for the development of new processing methods that could for instance reduce the cooking time of the grains.”

To this young company, joining Sorghum ID makes sense. “Exchanging and sharing information with the other actors in the industry can only be beneficial”, Aurélien Amir acknowledges. “Moreover, we also hope to bring our building block to a sorghum market that has been so far dominated by feed use.

Gamme produits sorgho et millet Vieille graine

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