2021 Congress. The Numbers

A Committed Industry with Promising Outlets

The third European Sorghum Congress was held between the 12th and the 13th of October, 2021. The event provided the industry actors the unique opportunity to discuss several key topics during its plenary sessions, workshops, and breaks. The Congress agenda included topics such as hybrid selection, agronomy & production, and processing.

The third French edition

Focus venue: Toulouse

Cap sur Toulouse

Large international attendance

170 participants, 20 nationalities, 3 continents (Europe, America, Africa)

40 speakers

40 intervenants

Researchers, economists, processors, agronomists, seed producers, climatologists, geneticists…

3 main workshops

40 intervenants

… and 4 related round tables.

« Hybrid Selection and Genetic Progress »
Round tables:
« Success Keys for Future Breeding Programmes » and « Strengthening the Efficiency of the European Sorghum Breeding Programmes »

« Agronomy and Production »
Round table: « Feed Sorghum in France »

« Processing Industry »
Round table:
« Sorghum in the Pet Food Industry »

Key topics

Les thématiques clés

– World/European Sorghum Market
– Sorghum and Its Assets in the Climate Change Context
– Sorghum Outlook in the USA
– Future Breeding Progress
– Production Techniques
– Outlets

Retrouvez toutes les présentations du congrès :