Choosing the right variety

8 factors to choose the right variety for the region.

1. Early harvesting.
Think in terms of soil and weather conditions and sowing dates. To favour an early harvest with low humidity, early to semi-late varieties should be favoured.

2. Yields.
The later varieties tend to have better yields. However their development cycle is lengthy, and in consequence they are not adapted to all regions. Today, early and semi-late varieties offer very satisfying yield potentials, coming close to later varieties.

3. Tolerance to apical sterilityfor early sowings.

4. Tolerance to drought, notably for non-irrigated plots.

5. Tolerance to disease.
Choose varieties tolerant to macrophomina and fusarium.

6. Lodging.
Choose varieties resistant to lodging, as this could make harvesting more difficult and lead to lower yields.

7. Clearing of the tassel.
To facilitate harvesting, it is important to choose varieties with a good and homogeneous clearing of the tassel.

8. Tannin level.
The tannin level of varieties registered on the European catalogue are lower than 0.3% (it is now a rule to register a variety). This is the result of more than 20 years of work from seed breeders. These varieties should be favoured as they guarantee a digestibility on par with other cereals.

There are more than 300 sorghum varieties registered in the European catalogue, in grain and silage, with a strong renewal especially since 2014 with new hybrid solutions providing early harvest and good yields. Moreover, varietal choice is a fundamental element for successful sorghum cultivation. You will find hereunder the link to the website of the seed companies who sell sorghum seeds:
Caussade Semences
Euralis Seeds
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