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Sorghum is a food in tune with the times

Today’s consumer is hungry for healthy, perfectly traced products, produced locally within environmentally friendly conditions. Today’s
consumer wants to know how animals have been fed. Sorghum is one of the virtuous crops that animal feed professionals can trust.

Sorgho fourrage

Portrait of a sorghum grain

The sorghum variety intended for the production of animal feed is the sorghum grain: a small sorghum selected for grain production. This species is known for its high yield potential and excellent resistance to lodging-related deseases.

Colours and sizes: The sorghum grain of sorghum is round and pointed. It presents a
great diversity of hue and size (diameter from 4 to 8 mm). Its TKW (Thousand-kernel-weight) varies from 6 to 70 g.

Sorgho fourrage

There are many compelling reasons to use sorghum as animal feed

Sorghum offers a nutritional composition similar to that of corn, but with slightly higher levels in protein and energy value. Sorghum can therefore serve an excellent purpose in the feed rations of most livestock animals.



Sorgho fourrage

Sorghum is free of tannins

Contrary to common belief, all current varieties of European sorghum are free from tannins. This is thanks to the valuable work of crop breeders, who have successfully eliminated this anti-nutritional factor that had an effect on digestibility.

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