17 January 2024

2024 A tasty and energetic year with sorghum

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19 January 2023

Best Wishes from Sorghum ID, for an Excellent 2023

      The Food and Agriculture Organisation has declared 2023 as the international year of millets. Qu Dongyu, its Director-General, stated: “Millets are incredible, ancient crops of high nutritional value. They can play an important role and contribute to our collective efforts to render small producers more self-reliant, achieve sustainable development, eradicate hunger, mitigate […]

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09 July 2021

Specialist assistance for successful weeding

Sorghum is a low risk crop in terms of plant diseases and infestation. However, parasite attacks can still occur. Most frequently, there’s little pressure and no action is necessary. But it’s best to be aware of the potential risks and adopt robust protective measures. You’ll find our recommendations for successful plant health protection here.  

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