Hungary to Host Next European Sorghum Congress in 2025


Hungary will host the fourth European sorghum congress in October 2025. Where does sorghum stand in this country? Below, a few numbers, to find out more in that regard:


50 000 hectares

This has been the total sorghum area of Hungary in 2023/24, of which 38 000 hectares of grain sorghum and 11 000 hectares of feed sorghum. While sorghum accounts for no more than 1 percent of Hungary’s total arable crops, it brings a diversification that could become increasingly attractive as its market outlets develop.




+ 260 %

This is how much sorghum areas have increased in Hungary since 2018/19. During that same production year, sorghum area totalled 13 800 ha, so this is good progress during the span of only five years. However, the area might fluctuate depending on the competition of other grains inside rotations.







4,2 t/ha

This is the average yield that Hungary has recorded over the past five years. Weather conditions (especially drought and excessive sunlight) have led to significant yield variability. Peaks of 10,5 t/ha have sometimes been recorded under irrigation.





> 90 %

This is the weight of feed use on the Hungarian sorghum markets. The feed industry remains the main driving force behind the development of the crop in this country. Grain sorghum is mainly used in the poultry industry, silage sorghum is used for swine feeding, and feed sorghum for cattle. The plant has however a few uses in the human food industry, too, so far: flour, whisky, beer, pasta, and others.





This is the number of sorghum seed producers in Hungary: Alfaseeds, Alta Seeds, GKI ( Institute), KWS, Lidea, and RAGT. Axéréal is also present in this country as a producer, as well as Kite and Galldorf, which specialize in processing.






From left to right: Martin Gomez (SORGHUM ID), Justine Navarro (FNPSMS),
Miklos Fazekas (Alfa Seeds), Gabor Polgar (VSZT), Zoltan Fodor (NAK), Diana Sidlovits (NAK),
Takács Géza  (VSZT)

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