Exports – the Number 1 Outlet for France’s Sorghum


France is the first European sorghum producer, which grows grain and feed, single or multiple harvest, sorghum varieties, used mainly in the feed industry. The country’s sorghum area has increased significantly over the past few years, with about 60 percent of it being concentrated in about ten departments. Among them is the South-West region, a historical production region. This geographic proximity largely explains France’s sorghum exports to Spain, which is the main outlet for its sorghum production.

Livestock Feeding and Exports

France’s 2023 sorghum production shows a 49-percent increase from the previous year. This is explained by a rise in both area (up 7 percent) and yields (up 39 percent). The country’s total production is estimated to reach 318 000 tons.

Whether it goes to the domestic market or it is exported, France’s sorghum production is mainly used in the feed industry. Grain sorghum is indeed highly suitable as swine or poultry feed.

Almost 65 percent of France’s sorghum production is exported to other EU countries. The Spanish market alone absorbs almost two thirds of the exported amounts. The other markets include Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands, and Italy.

Sorghum production regions in France 

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€323 /ha. This is the production cost of 1 hectare of sorghum in France.

59.8 million tons. Global sorghum production dwindling while demand is increasing.