+6% (acreage) and + 14% (production). Sorghum production progressing in 2018 in the EU-28.


In 2018, the EU-28 acreage increased by 6%, to reach 145,640 ha, which is a 9,000ha increase. As is shown by the graph hereunder, this increase can mostly be seen in Romania and Hungary, but also in France and Italy.

In 2018, the EU-28 production increased by 14%, to reach 829,000 t. This spectacular increase can also be explained by an increase in acreages but also very good yields. In Italy, yields reach 7 t/ha on average, which is translated into a 22% increase of production. In Romania, thanks to a strong increase in acreages as well as good yields (higher than 5 t/ha), production reached 80,000t, which is a 50% increase of production. Hungary is also showing good results with a 58% increase in production compared to last year. In France, despite the increase of acreages, production only increases by 1% compared to 2017, due to a 0.2 t/ha decrease of the average yield. Spanish production remains stable.

These very positive results are a good omen for the 2019 crop year with, let us hope, another increase in acreages and good yields for producers.

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