What motivates farmers to grow sorghum?


The main benefits of sorghum as seen by farmers

Sorghum ID, Arvalis-Institut du végétal and the ProSorgho association recently took the initiatives of launching a survey conducted among a hundred grain sorghum producers in France, to better understand their motivations for producing sorghum. This sample represents several production basins: notably the South-West (the historical cradle of sorghum cultivation in France) and the Loire Valley Poitou-Charentes (where cultivation has been progressing for several years).

On average, 4 main arguments emerge: low water needs, profitability, diversification, ease of technical itinerary. But farmers also appreciate sorghum for its hardiness, its ability to break the cycle of diseases and weeds, the fact that it does not require specific equipment, that it improves soil structure, that it is not time-consuming, that it allows to develop land with less potential … In other words, as soon as they try it, farmers adopt sorghum for good.


Low water consumption

Diversification & Profitability

Ease of the technical itinerary



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