Poster presentation for the 2nd European Congress of Sorghum : submit your application.


The 2nd European Sorghum Congress will be held on 7-8 November 2018 in Milan (Sheraton Hotel / Malpensa International Airport). The detailed programme and registration procedures will be sent in early May.


The Congress will be based on 3 workshops:

. Genetics and breeding

. Agronomy and economy

. Transformation and outlets

as well as plenary sessions, including one on climate change.


The common threads of the workshops and plenary sessions will be innovation, genetic progress and how to meet the challenges of agriculture in the 21st century.


In this perspective, each workshop will include “main” oral presentations and “flash” communications (90 seconds) presenting the latest research and knowledge on sorghum (as well as a synthesis in plenary session and posters in a dedicated space during the 2 days of the Congress). To this end, we are sending you this letter so that you can send to us before 30 April the summary of your work and your preference in terms of type of communication:


. “long” oral presentation ;

. or a poster (each poster can be presented in a “flash” oral communication).



In early May, a Committee on the registration, examination and selection of proposals will be convened and we will then get in touch with you to give you our remarks and deadlines.


Your declaration of intent will be presented in English as a short summary including the following points:


. Theme (for instance selection, agronomy, protection, transformation, outlets, commercialisation…).

. Title.

. Summary (maximum 300 words)

. Author (name, first name, education and title, nationality).

. Institution.

. Country.


Please use the following email address to send your submissions: