59.8 million tons. Global sorghum production dwindling while demand is increasing.


59.8 million tons:

estimates for the global harvest of sorghum sown in 2018
Despite an increase in acreages, especially in the top exporters (Argentina, Australia, US), the global production appears to be dwindling. This can mainly be explained by the decrease in Australian production (-400,000 tons). At the time of writing, harvest is on-going in the US, with trends towards good yields, especially in Texas.

60.4 million tons:

predicted global consumption, or +4%
This increase can be explained by a higher consumption of sorghum as human food (+3% or 29.5 million tons), especially observed in Africa; and by higher industrial uses (+29%) mainly in US ethanol production (6.6 million tons); consumption in animal feed is slightly decreasing (22.6 million tons).

4.6 million tons:

estimated stock decrease, or -12% compared to last year
A significant decrease in stocks is foreseen in Australia and China.

Sources : IGC Sept.2018″ (International Grains Council)

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