+58%. Such is the increase in sorghum seed breeding acreage in Europe this year.


The cultivated acreage in sorghum grain and sorghum silage are increasing in Europe. The choice of variety being a determining success factor, more and more farmers are turning to star-sorghum: the hybrids proposed by European seed companies.

In order to meet the market needs, the acreage dedicated to seed production in the EU 28 is also increasing: + 58% in 2020/21 (1,705 ha) compared to 2019/2020 (1,080 ha), while it only reached 445 ha in 2016/17!

Sorghum seed breeding acreage in the EU

The main sorghum-producing countries in Europe

For 2020 sowings, the volume of available seed for European hybrid sorghum is estimated at 454,000 doses (down 9% from the previous year). At the same time, demand on the EU market is estimated at 325,000 doses and exports to third countries are estimated to increase by 51% (65,000 doses have been shipped for sowing in 2020). Thanks to their know-how and dynamism, European seed breeders will be able to meet this demand.

The low level of stocks, combined with the structural dynamics of demand, have therefore led seed companies to significantly increase the acreage of seed breeding.  With a 58% increase (1,705 ha according to a recent survey), they should be able to replenish stocks and meet growing demand next year. It should be noted that France (+70% with 895 ha) and Hungary (+53% with 585 ha) are the two main producing countries.

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Thanks to the varieties produced in Europe, our sorghum is tannin-free.

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