Toomaï, too rustic, too good


At the initiative of two young French entrepreneurs, “La Pépite” is a new balanced and gourmet snack that could soon be born. Special features: organic, additive-free, 100% vegetal and … enriched with ancestral cereals, particularly sorghum.

For its creators, “Within its core concept, La Pépite carries the future of our agriculture and of our food: resilience and rusticity”. The idea to create this product range came to them during a trip to Africa, in Senegal more precisely, which raised their awareness. “With Toomaï, we dream of a world that connects to its origins to better feed itself. A world to live in simplicity, pleasure, proximity and respect for the living…”. They know that this may sound dreamy and idealistic as a formulation, but their project is built on their strong confidence and a huge amount of energy.

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Austrian sorghum reaching new heights.

Thanks to the varieties produced in Europe, our sorghum is tannin-free.