Sorghum is on everyone’s lips.

It all started with a happy event: “I was pregnant and I wanted to continue putting on my red lipstick on a daily basis” explains Elodie Carpentier, co-founder of Rouge Français, “but I became more attentive to the composition of my usual cosmetic products. I then became interested in the formulations and the result was quickly obvious… ». Elodie Carpentier then decided to start designing her own lipsticks with the purest ingredients available. Colouring based on vegetal pigments came like an obvious solution, both for its colour qualities and its incredible biological properties. This is how Rouge Français was born.

Among the dyeing plants used by Rouge Français is sorghum. A specific range based on sorghum is being developed and should be launched very soon. Promising and attractive, isn’t it?


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Sorghum and global warming in the news

800 000T. This is how much sorghum Spain has consumed since September 2018. This is 10 times more than in 2015!