Sorghum ID Board Meeting


On October 25th, 2023, Sorghum ID held its board meeting. This provided its members an opportunity to re-state their objectives and projects regarding the future of sorghum.

Ever since its creation in 2017, Sorghum ID has worked steadily to promote and develop sorghum in Europe. The organisation’s actions are aimed at the industry’s players: seed producers, farmers, livestock growers, and processors (for all types of markets). This has been a comprehensive programme, focused on the production and online publication of a lot of information, which has turned the Sorghum ID website into THE reference source for everything sorghum both in Europe and internationally.

At the board meeting held in Toulouse on October 25th, 2023, discussions focused on the need to step up actions regarding the downstream industry. It was equally decided to continue to represent and bring sorghum to the forefront alongside world sorghum associations and other organisations in the U.S., Brazil, Australia and other countries, and to strengthen partnerships and co-operations with major production countries in the world.


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