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Launched in 2017, in twelve languages, the Sorghum ID website is aimed at everyone interested in learning about sorghum. Its structure was conceived to cover all categories of topics: crop cultivation, markets, agronomy, genetics, events, news, etc. The website audience went from 100 000 visitors in 2021 to over 200 000 in 2023, making it THE reference source on sorghum both in Europe and internationally.


More than 200 000 unique visitors! This is the audience of the Sorghum ID website since its creation in 2017. In addition to the level of satisfaction that this number indicates, its increase also points to the rising interest triggered by sorghum and the usefulness of the website’s online content. Another important aspect is that more than 10 percent of the readers access the website regularly.




The website is updated permanently and currently contains more than 450 pages, as well as 2000 articles and dozens of downloadable videos and documents.



On average, 150 visitors access the website every day, and the number has increased constantly: thus the daily number of visitors was 50 in 2019, 75 in 2020, and 120 in 2021. Another point of satisfaction is the visitors’ countries, which are very diverse: France, Italy, the United States, Mexico, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Austria, Iran, Spain… At the current pace, we estimate that the number of visitors who access the Sorghum ID website will reach 250 000 by the end of 2024. Certainly something to look forward to!

Among the numerous contents published on the Sorghum ID website are many materials that can be downloaded, particularly the Guides focused on the market outlets of sorghum.


All about feed market outlets
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All about food market outlets
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All about agro-industrial market outlets
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All about grain sorghum
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All about feed sorghum
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The most communicative, best documented website on sorghum.