Do you know what is in a sorghum kernel?


The sorghum grain is round and pointed. It presents a great diversity of hue and size (diameter from 4 to 8 mn).
Its TKW (Thousand-kernel-weight) varies from 6 to 70 g.



The germ is located at the back and bottom of the kernel.
It contains lipids (unsaturated fatty acids), B vitamins, low molecular weight proteins and minerals.

1 • Radicle
2 • Scutellum
3 • Plumule



The endosperm accounts for 75-85% of the kernel. It is the storage tissue. The aleurone layer contains large amounts of proteins (protein bodies, enzymes), minerals (phytine inclusion), lipids (spherosomes). Outer, vitreous and mealy endosperm, on the other hand, store starch and proteins.

4 • Outer endosperm pericarp
5 • Vitreous endosperm
6 • Mealy endosperm
7 • Aleurone layer


Teguments represent 4 to 8% of the grain. The pericarp contains the fibres of the grain, mainly hemillcelluloses and starch. The testa contains rare polyphenols in cereals, with anti-oxidant effects.

8 • Seed coat (testa)
9 • Pericarp

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