Agro Complex Kiev, Ukraine

From 31 October to 2 November, Sorghum ID set out to discover Ukraine and its farming. This very agricultural country has indisputably become a global farming power over the past few years. Sorghum is not new to Ukraine, as it is cultivated on around 80,000 ha each year. The crop is now the talk of the town in Ukraine. Indeed, Ukrainian farmers are faced with new challenges due to climate change and global warming, especially in the south of the country where rainfall is scarce and temperatures very high in spring and summer. Producers are looking for alternatives and solutions to complement traditional crops. Sorghum can bring answers, which led many farmers to enquire about the crop at the Sorghum ID stand.

The agricultural exhibition also enabled Sorghum ID to meet with the Ukrainian sorghum sector and its many stakeholders: research institutes, seed retailers, producers and final users. Like in other countries, the links of the chain exist, but there is no organisation bringing this chain together. Sorghum ID therefore has a significant role to play in this very promising country.