Slobozia, Romania: First FarmConect Ag Fair

Agriculture Minister Adrian Chesnoiu at FarmConect, Slobozia, on June 9th, 2022


Organised by the Romanian Association of Grain Producers (APPRS), the event brought together local food and raw material producers, input producers and retailers, and producers of agricultural machinery and digital technologies – so vital for high-performance agriculture.

Slobozia, at the Heart of Grain Production

Situated at a crossroads among the country’s important production regions, at the heart of the Ialomița county (the engine of Romania’s agriculture) and within practical distance of the port of Constanța and Bucharest (the country’s capital), Slobozia is about to become a key logistical hub for the Romanian grain production.

Difficult Weather

However, snowless winters and dry summers have impacted Romania’s soil water reserves in recent years, causing producers to grow less and less corn in the non-irrigated areas, because of the increased frequency of adverse weather events. New sorghum trials are currently carried out in the north of the country.

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